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Complete Commercial Wiring

Wilcox Elite Electrical Services, LLC offers you complete electrical wiring from the basement up. You can count on our expertise to do the job well. You receive a reliable and dependable service with us along with a one-year guarantee.

Include Electrical Upgrades in Remodeling or Renovation

We've got you covered. If your commercial or industrial building is going through changes, count on us to rewire and extend your electrical wiring in a seamless manner.
You can also schedule inspections with us and get routine maintenance in place, ensuring that your electrical wiring is safe and your smoke detectors and other unseen issues are sound.
outside light

Put in Outside Lighting

You can get outside lighting that makes your green spaces and parking lots well-lit areas, adding an extra aspect to your business's security or just further beautifying your space. Contact us for a consultation about our services and to get an estimate.
With Wilcox Elite Electrical Services, LLC, you receive a community-oriented business with over 20 years of experience. Call us at 512-985-5888 to find out more.
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Notary Services Available

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